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Your Business Faces Challenges

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You're feeling stuck.

You’ve achieved success, but your growth has leveled off. Now you need to regain momentum. 

You're growing fast.

You’re accelerating faster than you expected. You want guidance and insights to maintain your trajectory without falling into chaos.  

You're struggling with key projects.

You’ve invested money, resources and time into projects that haven’t produced the results you need. You want to hit your targets more accurately. 

You see a specific area of opportunity.

Your organization is running smoothly on well-worn paths — but now you’ve identified a new route to success. 


Two Products. Rapid Results.

Many consultants are in the business of generating reports and leaving the implementation to the client. That's not us. Our clients hire us because they want a real partner to help them achieve their goals quickly.

To deliver lasting change ASAP, Wrubel Consulting offers two products, one or both of which may suit your needs:

  • Remove the Noise cuts through traditional paperwork to identify your top opportunities for operational excellence.
  • Accelerate Your Agile Transformation lets enterprises take real advantage of Agile — a methodology that’s often cited but rarely implemented well.

Remove the Noise that distracts you from the signal.

What are the three to five accomplishments that will make the biggest impact on accelerating you towards your goals — whether or not you’ve identified them?

Every organization has blind spots — limiting patterns you can't see from the inside — and failing to uncover them is the No. 1 reason companies go out of business.


A deep dive into an organization to uncover unrecognized patterns, opportunities, and issues that will drive significant impact towards the most important company goals.


Enables leadership team to make better decisions on where to spend the company’s time and money

  1. Accelerates a company’s progress towards its most important objectives
  2. Helps organizations identify the 10x opportunities that are disproportionately valuable ways of allocating resources
  3. Cuts timelines on strategic initiatives by 20 to 50%


  1. Interviews of a cross-functional group of key employees across all levels and all functions within the organization
  2. Development of findings and action plan
  3. Workshop with management and key stakeholders to discuss findings and next steps


  • Findings
  • Insights (list of most impactful actions CEO/leadership team can take)
  • A high-level set of specific actionable recommendations and clear next steps  


Accelerate Your Agile Transformation to achieve business objectives quickly.

What would a truly successful implementation of Agile do for your organization, and what specific steps do you need to take to get there?

Most Agile attempts are far too complex and theoretical, and they try to force the organization to fit itself into Agile instead of using Agile as a support for its goals.


  1. Surfaces otherwise undetected issues within an organization
  2. Increases in productivity, predictability, employee morale, and quality
  3. Achieves vastly improved outcomes more quickly, easily, consistently, and predictably


  1. Engage a cross-functional group to understand current practices, pain points, strengths, tools and organization’s Agile maturity
  2. Design of team structure, core team, training approach as well as establishment of team level standard practices
  3. Train, rollout, and coach teams on Agile and SAFe processes and practices


  • Findings
  • Assessment of organizational impact of new process (roles and responsibilities)
  • Team structure and employee assignments to teams
  • Recommended tool structure
  • Real-time coaching and feedback
  • Standard Agile practices and norms
  • Training materials/training sessions
  • Rollout of new process